• Proper start up protocols
  • Site safety
  • Project monitoring for quality and schedule
  • Site reviews
  • Control of contractor
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Expenses
For those clients who have already moved through the Pre-construction phase, often the biggest challenge is to maintain a high level of trust in the contractor, and then stay out of his way.  For larger projects, you have turned over your home to a third party, and essentially the site belongs to the contractor until the work is completed.  Ideally, if all the project documentation was properly established during the pre-construction phase and incorporated into a valid contract, you should have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, as we know from the many stories we hear, this is rarely the case.

As such, our range of services for this phase includes regular and periodic site visits, site reports, quality control review, invoice review for evaluation regarding the level of completion, and review of a variety of other construction related issues.

Having a professional on your side can really make a difference: please feel free to call us anytime.