• Deficiencies
  • Site turnover
  • Warranty items
  • Final payments
It’s been said that the last 5% of a project is the most difficult.  Everyone is anxious to see the finished result, move back in, and start enjoying the new space.  Deficiencies will crop up on every project.  How willing and able is your contractor in dealing with these on a timely basis?  Sometimes, especially if a contractor has been overpaid, it is simply not worth his while to return, thereby leaving the owner with a frustrating problem.

The turn over of the project from contractor to owner, (whether this is on a small, but especially on a large project),  needs to be done with care and precision.  This is one area where a professional can really help.

For example, mechanical and electrical equipment, or other systems that are covered by a warranty should be tested before occupancy.  The results should verify that warrantied items and systems meet all the manufacturer’s specifications.  If not, an owner should not take possession of those items.

Having a professional on your side can really make a difference: please feel free to call us anytime.