Puzzled by construction?

Puzzle piece house

House Calls Renovation Advisors find the pieces that fit.



 House Calls provides expert guidance on the main phases of your project:


  • Data gathering
  • Zoning review
  • Site plan review
  • Calculations and analysis
  • Measured drawings of the existing premises
  • Space planning and design development
  • Budgeting
  • Tender and scope of work packages
  • Bid assessment
  • Contract review
  • Financing strategies and options
  • Building permit process

  During Construction

  • Proper start up protocols
  • Site safety
  • Project monitoring for quality and schedule
  • Site reviews
  • Control of contractor
  • Invoice accuracy
  • Expenses


  • Deficiencies
  • Site turnover
  • Warranty items
  • Final payments

Competitive Fee Rates
 Our competitive fee rate is calculated on an hourly basis: you pay only for the time you use, thereby keeping costs to a minimum.  Most importantly, the fee is not calculated as a percentage of the total cost of your project.

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