Be Aware and Beware

Our mission is to assist homeowners in every possible way to help minimize construction problems and prevent renovation fraud.

Through personal mentoring programs, individual project consulting and raising industry awareness, we aim to PROTECT homeowners from serious and costly consequences that often arise from a renovation project.

Know what to look out for BEFORE you sign a contract or pay a deposit.

Part of protecting yourself from contractor fraud is to learn from other’s experiences. Here are a few recent articles featuring Toronto residents and their bad experiences.


Know what to look out for!


Check that your contractor has the appropriate and current license and insurance coverages for your project.


Diligently probe the contractor’s references to ensure that they are recent and relevant to your project.

Finance / Budget

Large deposits are suspicious! Beware if your contractor asks for a large upfront! Standard payment terms and holdbacks guidelines can be found on line and should be part of your contract. Cash payments can also be problematic from a tax avoidance perspective.


Contractor Fraud is on the rise

As seen in Toronto Life

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As seen in Global News

Click here to read: Toronto-area contractor fraud totalled more than $1M: police

As seen in the Toronto Sun

Click here to read: Toronto woman allegedly out $1 million in construction fraud scam

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