There is one word that comes to mind when I think of Jay Charendoff’s role in our renovation, and that word is “invaluable”. A friend of ours recommended Jay when we were starting out to renovate a condo we had just bought, as she knew I had previously always dreaded and avoided doing renovations. To be honest, when I read Jay’s glowing reviews on HomeStars, I was a little afraid he was out of our league – both financially and in terms of the relative importance of our renovation to him. I couldn’t have been more wrong. He was completely invested in us and his price was more than reasonable, even though I know he was juggling several other clients at the same time. What did he do for us? Because he is a trained architect, he actually designed the structural changes for us and it made a huge difference in the feeling of size in our condo. He also recommended a good general contractor and most importantly, I could email him and ask for his help if I had concerns about any aspect of what was being done. Jay followed up with us even when we didn’t contact him, to make sure we were still happy and enjoying a stress free renovation, which is his stated goal for his clients. He also came to inspect the renovation once it was finished, on his own initiative. I feel extremely fortunate to have been in such good hands, and I adore our newly renovated home. I truly believe that hiring Jay was the smartest thing I could have done